Year End Tips (with video)

Here is our suggested list of year end procedures:

  • Complete your bank reconciliations for the financial year(s) you are responsible for
    • Banking > Reconcile

  • Print final reports for the old year and store them in a binder
    • Reports

  • Update/assign 990EZ codes (if required to file this form by the IRS) 
    • Tax Forms > Edit 990-EZ Line Categories

  • Print the 990EZ report (if required to do so by the IRS) 
    • Tax Forms > 990EZ Report

  • Set up the new financial year
    • Financial Year > Add New Financial Year > Follow the prompts to carry over you bank balances & copy your budget

  • Update your user list (those folks who have access to MoneyMinder)
    • Contacts > Users

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