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Strategy & Tips

Closing your financial year & transitioning to the next treasurer

Follow these guidelines to close your financial year and set your incoming treasurer up for success.

How to track Gift cards donated to your group for use

Sometimes people generously donate gift cards that they have to nonprofits, so the nonprofit can purchase items at that store. Here's how to track those.

How to track In-kind (or non-cash) donations

Sometimes groups receive donated items to use at events that need to be accounted for. Are you one of those groups? Follow these easy instructions.

Charitable solicitation registration

Nonprofits that raise money from the public must comply with state charitable solicitation registration requirements in their state. Learn more about this here.

Handling leftover fundraising gift cards that your group is selling

Does your group sell gift cards as a fundraiser? Learn how to track those in MoneyMinder.

How to handle Restricted funds

Some groups set aside funds that can only be used for a particular purpose (sometimes referred to as restricted funds). Here is how you can keep track of these funds and produce reports that will provide transparency to your group.

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