10 Printable Sports Leadership Quotes for Youth Athletes

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Get your young athlete inspired with these sports leadership quotes. We can all use a few words of encouragement now and then and these quotes come from some of the most accomplished and respected leaders in sports. Print out a quote to hang on your refrigerator or print a few smaller, tag-size quotes that can adorn a backpack or gear bag. It’s not a bad idea to save a stash for a rainy day when your sports player is feeling frustrated or discouraged. “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” Babe Ruth These wise...

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3 Pillars of Effective Nonprofit Accounting Software in 2018

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Finding straightforward accounting software to manage your nonprofits books can be an overwhelming process. Software programs can either be too complex for a small nonprofit or too simplistic for your accounting needs. We would like to make this process a little bit easier for you by providing 3 important pillars to look for when choosing an effective nonprofit accounting software. Simple Your nonprofit has a mission to fulfill and you really can’t afford to have administration get in the way. First and foremost, an effective accounting...

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What to Do When a Homeowner Won’t Pay Annual HOA Dues

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When a homeowner becomes a part of a homeowner association they typically understand the necessity for paying annual HOA dues. However, there are a number of reasons that a homeowner may not pay the dues. Annual HOA dues are an important part of the functioning of an HOA as these funds are used to help cover maintenance costs for the overall property. If you are a part of an HOA board there are a few steps you can take to address the delinquent owner. Do Your Homework Before taking any action against the delinquent dues payer, check your...

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Top 10 2017 Articles from MoneyMinder

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We are ending 2017 with a bang and we want you to know about it. To close out the year we’ve got an exciting update to share as well as provide you with the top 10 blog articles of 2017. Are you ready? First of all, we have changed our domain name; you used to login at (and still can),  we are now “Why?” you may ask, well it’s because we are all about nonprofit accounting and we thought it was time you found us easier. We will continue to provide the same valuable software and customer service for...

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Craft a Last Minute End-of-Year Fundraising Appeal that Works

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If you haven’t done an end-of-year fundraising appeal, now is a really great time to start. A year-end appeal doesn’t take a lot of time and can pay off in the long run. Amidst the Holiday Season, this end of year hustle may seem like a hassle but it should result in donated funds for your organization. End-of-Year Giving Numbers The dollars are in the details when it comes to year-end giving. Annual giving data shows that around 1/3 of giving occurs in December. Interestingly enough, 12% of all donations occur in the last 3 days of December;...

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5 (More) Printable Holiday Poems for Teachers

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The holiday season is a time to enjoy with family, friends and loved ones in our lives. For many families that may include at least one or more teachers. To show your special teacher how much you appreciate them, and all of their hard work, we have put together 5 wonderful poems and have included a couple of really thoughtful gift ideas. Printing Instructions: These cards can be printed in 5×7 or 3.5×5. For printing, we recommend using the PDF link below each image. When your printer settings opens, simply select the paper size...

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Neighborhood Winterization Ideas for HOAs

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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and you might even see a few snowflakes in the air. For a Homeowners Association (HOA) this is a time to get a few loose ends organized to ensure that your property is protected during a long period of inclement weather. Often referred to as winterization; the tasks of preparing your water system, buildings, roads and walkways will make your property and neighborhood safer for everyone. Exterior Water Systems A good first step is to protect all outdoor water...

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The Ease of IRS Tax Form 990N

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We understand that tax filing time might not be everyone’s favorite time of year, but if your nonprofit qualifies to use the IRS Tax Form 990N, then tax filing might not be as difficult as you think. Who Can File The IRS Form 990N is also known as the e-Postcard. It is the simplest version of the 990 forms as there are only 8 questions. You may qualify to use the 990N if your nonprofit organization has gross annual receipts that total $50,000 or less. Please note that there is no paper form of 990N. The form must be filed electronically...

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The IRS 990 Tax Form Explained

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For many groups tax filing time is just around the corner and almost all nonprofit organizations are required to file a 990 form. Just in the nick of time, we are here to explain who may use which 990 form and when it needs to be filed. Take a big sigh of relief, we have got the 990 process covered. The IRS 990 Form Most nonprofit organizations need to file an annual tax return with the IRS. Even though registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit organizations are exempt from paying taxes they do need to file a report that provides certain information,...

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Tips for Total Family Wellness this School Year

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Staying healthy throughout the school year is generally a top priority for many families. Keep sick days at bay because with a little preparation total family wellness can be enjoyed by all. Nutrition Make sure healthy eating habits start at home. Student lunches and snacks can be loaded with sugar fats and preservatives so make sure your family has a healthy base of food knowledge to inform their eating decisions. Focus on whole foods at home and try to introduce two new foods a week. You might be surprised at the response! Take a few...

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