Treasury Software for Nonprofits

Your Nonprofit has an important mission. MoneyMinder allows you to spend more time working toward that goal and less time hassling over the chore of accounting. You’ll have the peace of mind that your books are accurate, and that there is transparency and accountability between members.

Designed for Volunteers

Most accounting software is overkill for volunteer-run nonprofits. Yet piecemealing spreadsheets and documents puts your organization at risk. MoneyMinder is the simple treasury software that has exactly the features you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Just $159 a Year

With time-saving treasury software at this price, you can’t afford not to sign up. MoneyMinder is $159 per year, with no hidden fees. We always encourage starting with a free 30-day trial so you can see MoneyMinder in action. If it isn’t an absolute perfect fit, there’s no obligation.

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With bank registers, deposits, withdrawals, transfers and reconciliation, MoneyMinder is the software even a top-level accountant would approve of. (And we aren’t just making that up. MoneyMinder is approved by accountants and CPAs coast to coast.) An un-alterable event log tracks activities so you can see what’s been done… by whom, and when. View All Features.

Your Financial Year-End, Made Easy.

Save hundreds of dollars with MoneyMinder’s easy calculation of 990EZ totals. Instead of implementing a new software solution each year and struggling with hardware and software incompatibilities, MoneyMinder quickly produces a report with first page totals for the 990EZ. View All Features.

Quickly Generate Useful Reports.

Gone are the days of exporting from one program, importing to another to massage the data, all to finally produce a report that might be useful. MoneyMinder’s reports are designed so that even people with little or no bookkeeping background can understand them. View All Features.

Make Meetings More Productive. 

The Calendar allows you to schedule and keep track of meeting dates and times. You can store past and current agendas, bylaws and meeting minutes in the Records section for easy reference, while the Forms area houses your important letters and forms. View All Features.

Different Users, Different Permissions.

Add and choose a different level of access for a board member or volunteer. And we don’t limit you to a certain number of users like other software programs. You may add as many individuals as you like. What’s more, a log tracks their activities so you can see who altered what, and when. View All Features.