While volunteering as the treasurer for her local PTA, Donna Gawron became frustrated with her experience using QuickBooks, Excel and Quicken. The software was too complex for her needs. Her volunteer experience was becoming a challenge and a burden.

At the same time, Cyndi Meuchel was the Board President for a local networking group and had come to the same conclusions after trying to use an Access program that wouldn’t work on her Mac.


Donna Gawron


Cyndi Meuchel

Noticing that other organizations were experiencing the same frustrations, they decided there must be a better alternative. After extensive research they came to the conclusion that a better system simply did not exist.

They put their heads together and designed the “ideal” solution. MoneyMinder Treasurer Software launched the fall of 2003 with the basic mission of simplifying volunteer activities of nonprofit leaders across the country. It’s simple structure and easy-to-use navigation makes it easy for anyone who wants to manage finances, regardless of background or experience.

Incorporating valuable feedback and suggestions from their users has allowed them to fine-tune MoneyMinder into a wonderful tool useful to any group’s success.

Make your volunteer experience productive and rewarding, without the overkill. Try MoneyMinder today.