Handling bank imports with end of financial year transactions

How to handle bank imports with end-of-financial-year transactions

There may be the occasion where a bank transaction is to be included in a prior financial year, but due to timing, imports into the new financial year instead.

Here is how to handle these transactions:

First, you will want to manually enter the transaction(s) in the correct financial year’s bank account register. Make sure the transaction date is in the prior year, not the date it cleared the bank.

Next, on the import screen in your new financial year, you will want to use the “eyeball” to hide the transaction(s) that you have manually added in the prior year.

Note: If you are reconciled through the last day of your financial year, you will be able to import any bank transactions that haven’t cleared the bank into the uncleared transaction section of your new year. This allows you to be able to reconcile. It will also bring your starting bank balance(s) over into the new year as well.

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