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How to handle when your organization changes banks

Your organization has opened a new bank account and closed your old bank account.  Now you want to reflect this in MoneyMinder.

Click the Banking icon in the toolbar.

Click the Add Account dropdown.

Choose which type of account you would like to add from the dropdown list.

Enter the bank account name and starting balance of $0.00

Click Save.

To show the movement of funds from your old bank to your new bank, you will create a New Transfer.

Click the Actions dropdown to the right of your old bank account.

Choose New Transfer from the dropdown.

Using the drop-down menus, select the From bank account, (Old Checking Account) and the To bank account, (New Checking account).

Fill in the required fields:

  • Date: Date transfer is made.
  • Amount: Total amount of transfer.
  • Reference: Type in the identifying reference number you’d like to assign (this is an alphanumeric field).

Memo (optional): Use up to 512 characters to create a reminder about this transfer.

When finished entering the details of your transfer, click Save to save this transfer in MoneyMinder.

Your old bank account should now have a $0.00 balance. 

Your new bank account will now have the balance.

Your old bank account will remain on the banking page for the rest of the financial year.  In the next financial year, only copy the new bank account into your new year. 

How to handle bank integration when your bank has merged with another

In order to be able to import from the new bank, you will need to disconnect from the old bank account and reconnect to the new bank account.

Click the Banking icon in the toolbar.

Click the Details button to the right of the bank account.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Disconnect this account.

Confirm that you want to Disconnect.

Click the Click here to authorize and link this MoneyMinder account to your bank button to connect your new bank account.

Select from the list provided OR type in your new bank’s name in the Search field to locate your bank.

Enter your banking credentials for your new bank.

You will need to verify your credentials. Every banking institution handles this differently, and users may have different preferences selected to authorize credentials.

Once your bank account(s) have been retrieved, click Save & Finish.

You should now be able to import transactions from the new bank.

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