Setting up your new financial year

Are you a current MoneyMinder user, ready to get a new financial year setup? Just follow these instructions:

  1. First, add a new Financial Year to your account
  2. Next, add your bank accounts
  3. Now, set up the budget


If you use the Contacts feature, you might want to copy your Contacts from the prior year.

Click on the Contacts icon in the toolbar.

Then click Copy contacts from another financial year…

If you’ve used the Contacts feature in prior years you will be asked if you’d like to carry forward activity account balances.

  • Check the box to carry those forward.
  • Uncheck the box if you’d like to start everyone with a $0 balance.

Then click Copy Contacts.

Note:  You will only have the option to copy contacts from a prior financial year if none exist in the year you would like to copy them into.


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4 responses to “Setting up your new financial year”

  1. Setting up the volunteers and members in the new year is equally important. There should be a connection between entering someone on the list paying their membership in the banking portion of MoneyMinder that automatically shows that member paid in the membership list. I found I have to do it twice: enter the payment in the banking portion using the drop down list of members, then enter that date and payment amount in the membership portion. Can these be linked? We might generate a better tracking of how long that member has been a member without physically looking back through each year to see if they are a paid member, year after year. OR maybe I’m missing something?

    • Thanks for your input, Carol. We wholeheartedly agree and are working behind the scenes to make the Contacts section work more seamlessly. Expect to see some updates in that area yet this year. We appreciate you helping us make MoneyMinder even better!

  2. I can’t find the copy contact from prior year link when setting up 2022. I started adding new members, but then realized the new year didn’t have our contacts from 2021. Do you know where I might find it?

    • Hi Anna,

      The Copy Contacts is only available if there are no Contacts in your new year. In this case, you’ll need to delete the Contacts you’ve entered in your new financial year before the Copy Contacts button will appear.


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