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Setting up your new financial year

Set up your new financial year

Are you a current MoneyMinder user, ready to get a new financial year setup? Just follow these instructions: 1. Add...

Adding a new Financial Year

Are you ready to set up a new financial year for your group? Learn how here.

Transferring your bank balance(s) to the next financial year

Ready to set up your new financial year? Follow these instructions to transfer your bank balances and any uncleared transactions to the new financial year.

How to handle Stale checks from prior financial years

If you have a check from a prior year that hasn't cleared the bank (and you're sure it never will), you'll want to void it from your records, yet keep a paper trail. Here's how to do that.

Getting started with MoneyMinder

To get started in MoneyMinder you'll need to: Add a new financial year, Set up your bank registers, and Set up your budget. Learn how here.

Setting up your Budget for users starting a new financial year

In this article, we'll walk MoneyMinder's existing Users through three different options for setting up their Budget in their new financial year.

Where to enter your Chart of accounts?

Learn how to enter & organize your chart of accounts, referred to as the Budget in MoneyMinder.

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