Setting up Bank Account(s) (with video)

You can add bank accounts using one of the following methods:

  1. Copy bank accounts from the prior year OR
  2. Set up new bank accounts.

Note: Once you save your selection you will not be able to start over.

Copying bank accounts from the prior year:

Click on the Banking icon in the toolbar.

MoneyMinder assumes you’d like to copy all bank accounts from the prior year. If your accounts are reconciled thru the end of your previous financial year, all uncleared transactions and bank balances will copy forward.

De-select account names you won’t use in the new financial year by removing the check mark from the box.

Click Copy Bank Accounts.

To transfer bank balances and uncleared checks forward, click the green arrow to the right of the bank account name:

Now click the button that says Carry Forward Last Year’s Account Information.

Click Save.

Set up new bank accounts:

Click on the Banking icon in the toolbar.

Click Add Bank Account

Enter the bank account name and starting balance at the beginning of your financial year. This should be taken directly from your bank statement. 

Click Add Uncleared Deposit or Add Uncleared Withdrawal to enter outstanding checks or deposits that were written in the prior financial year but did not clear the bank after the start of the new financial year.

Note that entries you make in this section do not affect your current year numbers at all. They are here as placeholders for the bank reconciliations. This is a security measure. It is most transparent to enter the bank statement opening balance, which is easily verifiable, and then enter any known outstanding items to arrive at a true starting balance for the year. 

For uncleared deposits: Enter the date, who the money was received from, the amount, and a reference number if any. Continue to do this for every deposit that you show as being made in your previous year that did not show on the bank statement.

For uncleared withdrawals: Enter the date, who the money was paid to, the amount, and a check or reference number if any.

When you’re finished adding uncleared transactions, click Save.


  1. Yessi Osorio

    Hi there.
    How can I add additional outstanding checks if I accidentally clicked on Save before I was done?

  2. Hi Yessi, you can continue to add those outstanding checks by clicking on Banking > Edit > Add Uncleared Checks. Just be sure to click Save when you want to leave the page.

  3. Wayne R Webb

    what does EIN mean exactly?

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      Your EIN is the Employee Identification Number assigned to you for tax purposes. It’s usually formatted like this: 12-3456789

  4. james E Schuur

    Is there a way that I can import a membership list from an excel spreadsheet

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      Hi James,

      I’d be happy to help you with that. I just sent you a private email with instructions.

      Warm regards,

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