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Adding Uncleared Checks & Deposits from prior years

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To add uncleared checks from prior years click on the Banking icon in the toolbar.

Click the Edit button next to the bank account the checks were written from.

Click Add Uncleared Deposit or Add Uncleared Withdrawal to enter outstanding checks or deposits that were written in the prior financial year but did not clear the bank until after the start of the new financial year.

Note that entries you make in this section do not affect your current year numbers at all. They are here as placeholders for the bank reconciliations. This is a security measure. It is most transparent to enter the bank statement opening balance, which is easily verifiable, and then enter any known outstanding items to arrive at a true starting balance for the year.

For uncleared deposits: Enter the date, who the money was received from, the amount, and a reference number if any. Continue to do this for every deposit that you show as being made in your previous year that did not show on the bank statement.

For uncleared withdrawals: Enter the date, who the money was paid to, the amount, and a check or reference number if any.

When you’re finished adding uncleared transactions, click Save.

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2 responses to “Adding Uncleared Checks & Deposits from prior years”

    • Hi Alex… It looks like that deposit has been hanging around for a while. In your 2020 year click on banking and then click on edit next your account. From there you scroll down a bit and there you will see where you can delete that deposit. When you do that, you will then see if your look down futher on that same page, that your MoneyMinder balance at the beginning of financial year will also decrease by $40.

      Please let us know if we can help any further.
      Warm regards,

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