Setting up a Budget (with video)

From the home page, click the Budget icon.

You can create your budget using one of the following:

    1. Copy one of your existing budgets.
    2. Select one of MoneyMinder’s templates.
    3. Add a budget from scratch.

Note: Once you save your selection you will not be able to start over.


Headings give structure to your budget. These are used to organize broad activities. Budgets typically include headers such as: Fundraising, Administration, Programs.

Subheadings further group similar activities within that broader heading. For example, you might have a heading for Fundraising with a subheading for a particular fundraiser you want to track in more detail (eg walk-a-thon, purple pinkie project, bingo).

Categories are the detailed areas of the activity you want to track (eg ticket sales, awards).

Copying an existing budget:

Select the budget you want to copy from the dropdown menu that says Copy from previous budget. This will allow your group to copy a budget from a prior year.

Note: unchecking Include income & expense amounts before selecting the budget you want to copy will copy only the heading, subheading, and category names.

Making changes to a budget that’s been copied from a prior year will NOT have any effect on the financial year the budget was copied from.

Modify this budget to reflect any changes and click Save.

Selecting a budget template:

Select a budget template from the Choose a MoneyMinder budget template to start with drop down menu.

Modify this template to suit your needs by deleting items that are not relevant to your group and adding items that are.

Adding a budget from scratch:

Click Start New Budget to begin creating your new budget. Type the name of your first heading (eg Fundraising).

Continue creating your budget by adding additional headers, subheaders and/or categories.

To delete a category:

    1. Click the More> button to the right of the net budget.
    2. Then click the Delete button.
    3. Click Save Changes.

To delete a heading:

    1. Click the Delete button to the right of the heading name. Note, you can only delete a heading if there are no categories or subcategories listed beneath it.
    2. Click Save Changes.

To add a heading, subheading or category:

    1. Click on the corresponding button.
    2. Click Save Changes.

To move a heading:

    1. Click Arrange Headings in the static toolbar at the top of the screen or click and drag the item to the position you prefer.
    2. Click Save Changes.

To move a category:

    1. Click Arrange these items and use the Alphabetize button or the up/down arrows to re-order these or click and drag the item to the position you prefer.
    2. Click Save Changes.

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