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How to associate 990EZ Line Numbers & run the 990EZ Report

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Associating 990EZ line numbers with categories

MoneyMinder can help you calculate totals for lines 1-16 on the 990EZ form, based on the data you’ve input during your financial year.

To begin, click on the Tax Forms icon in the toolbar:

Next, click Edit 990-EZ Line Categories.

Select the appropriate income and/or expense line number for each budget category.

  • Continue this process until you’ve associated all budget categories with a line number.
  • Click Save.

For help figuring out what line number a budget category falls into, download the 990-EZ Cheat Sheet.

Running the 990EZ report

Click the Tax Forms icon in the toolbar:

Click 990EZ Report to see a Summary of valid 990EZ line numbers.

You can also Print or Export to PDF:

If a category has a transaction applied to it and does not have a 990EZ line number associated with it, it will show up at the top of the report in red:

For your Summary totals to be accurate, these must all be assigned a line number.

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