Manage Users (with video)

You may give as many users as you’d like access to your MoneyMinder account.

The level of access is determined by a person’s Role that you select.

Click on the Account button in the upper right hand corner.

Scroll down to the Users section of the page to add, edit or delete a user. As well as to assign their role in MoneyMinder.

To add a new user:

  1. Click Add New User.
  2. Enter their name and email address in the appropriate fields.
  3. Select a Role.
  4. Click Send Invite.

This will send an invitation to the email address you provided, assign them a password to use for logging in, and provide them a link to access your MoneyMinder account.

To edit or delete a user:

  1. Click the Edit button associated with their name.
  2. Make appropriate changes.
  3. When finished, click one of the following:
    • Cancel to leave this page without making changes and return to the main list of users with MoneyMinder account access.
    • Delete to remove this user from having MoneyMinder account access.
    • Save to save the changes you made and return to the main list of users with MoneyMinder account access.


  1. Kimberly Penny

    I don’t see where there is a People option at the Main Menu bar, only Contacts. Under Contacts I do not see an option for Add New User. Is this not available in the free trial?

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      Hi Kimberly, we changed the name of that tab from People to Contacts recently. It looks like the help article still showed it as People. I’ve corrected that. Thanks for your eagle eye!

  2. Maggie

    Is there any way to assign a user “banking” access but only to a specific banking account?

    1. Julie Rice

      Hi Maggie,
      Great question. The banking user role has access to all of banking, it cannot be defined to just one bank account. Thank you and please let us know if we can help any further.

      Warm regards,

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