Getting started with your Homeowner Association

Are you an HOA looking at using MoneyMinder?

One of the benefits of using MoneyMinder for your HOA is keeping track of how much your homeowners might owe you and how much they have paid you.
These are things that you will need to be able to answer as you set up your account in MoneyMinder:
  1. How many property owners in your association?
  2. Does each property have an ID # or other unique identifier?
  3. How ofter do they pay dues? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually? Other?
  4. Are everybody’s dues the same? Or are there different levels?
  5. Do you have other fees that are charged sometimes? Like late fees, penalties, sellers documentation, pet fees, parking? Other?
  6. MoneyMinder is really good at emailing out statements. Do you have email addresses for all of your Property Owners?
  7. Do Property Owners sometimes get reimbursed for items they purchase on behalf of the association?
  8. What kinds of expenses does the Association pay for: landscaping? maintenance? snow removal? insurance? legal? what else?
One easy way to get started it to click on the Contacts icon, and then on the Add Contact button. Use yourself as an example and enter all the information that you think would be useful to have about other property owners. By trying things out using yourself as an example you’ll quickly learn how to best capture & record things in a way that works for your group.

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