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When sending statements to contacts, statement templates can be created and saved for future use to fit your group’s specific needs. The easiest way to do this is to edit the default statement template.

There are two ways to access the default statement template for editing:

  1. Through an individual contact
  2. Through the bulk the statement tools

Click on the Contacts icon in the toolbar:

1. Access statement templates through an individual contact

Click Member Activity for the contact you want to send a statement to.

Click Compose Statement Message.

2. Access statement templates through bulk statement tools

Click Tools and choose Bulk Email Statements… or Bulk Download Statements… from the drop-down menu.

Select the Activity Account template, check the Select all box or choose contacts from the list, then Click Edit Statement Message.

Note: From here the process to create/edit a statement template is the same for both individual and bulk.

The body of the default template will display in the Preview tab. To edit this template, click the Edit Message tab to the left of the Preview tab.

In Edit Message, text can be added that will appear on all statements by clicking in the body of the statement and typing out the desired text.

Placeholders are shown in the blue boxes. These placeholders will be replaced with actual data in the finished statements(s). Placeholders can be added or removed.

To remove a placeholder, select the Placeholder (blue box) you wish to remove and click backspace or delete on your keyboard.

To add a placeholder, click the Insert Placeholder dropdown menu and select the placeholder information you’d like to add.

Note: The placeholders available in the drop-down menu are the only options, the list of placeholders can not be changed by the user.

Images and QR codes can be inserted by clicking on the Image icon in the editing toolbar.

Hyperlinks can be added to your statements by clicking the Hyperlink Icon.

Enter the URL for the site to which you want to link, and the Text to display on your statement.


Note: The text link will only work in statements that are emailed. For printed statements, you may want to display the actual URL for the site.

To save your changes as a template for future use, click Convert message below to a template. Enter the Template Name and click Save.

The template will show in the Message Template drop-down list.

When you’re ready to email or download statements, select a statement template from the drop-down menu and click Use Template.

Statement templates will also show up by clicking the Statement Templates tab in Contacts. You can edit existing statement templates or create new statement templates from a blank statement.

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