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Using Membership in Contacts

Membership allows you to manually keep track of a contact’s membership. It allows you unlimited membership levels and dues.

From Contact Reports, you can then go to Membership Report which you can sort by tag and membership level.

This will provide you with a Membership Report of who is unpaid, and if they have paid what their membership level is, the amount paid and the paid through date.

Note: Membership is different than Member Activity accounts in that it is a manual part of Contacts that does not get updated within the Banking area. All information in Membership is based on manual entry and does not tie to other parts of MoneyMinder. It is a GREAT way to keep track of Membership that is not required to be paid.


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  1. Kris Tompkins

    How do I exclude organization dues for contacts that do not contain member activity? I created appropriate membership levels and contacts that have activities other than membership activity. When reporting, these contacts are counted in “organization dues”. I need to exclude them as they are not dues paying members.

    1. Shirley Ashburner

      Hi Kris, great question. It sounds like you are working on the Membership Report. You’ll see all of your contacts listed on that overall report, but only those contacts listed as members as part of your Dues count. In your case, it looks like you have 29 contacts but only 28 should be paying dues and that is the number used to calculate the Total Organization Dues at the bottom. I hope this helps, but if you need more specific help we are available to chat live from your account Monday – Friday. Or email us at [email protected] for more immediate assistance.

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