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Guidelines for importing your Contact list

Do you have a list of contacts that you would like imported into your MoneyMinder account?

We are happy to provide your group with a one-time courtesy import. Additional imports after the initial import are $19/import.

Please use the template linked at the bottom of this page, under the social media icon links.

Please note that you do not need to use all columns. If a column doesn’t apply to your group, leave it blank. Please do not add columns.

You can email your questions and/or file for import to [email protected].

Please include:

  • Your account name
  • Group ID number
  • The financial year you’d like the contacts imported into

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  1. I’m wanting to set up contacts for each scout in our troop. We have activity accounts that we need track. I need to be able to import from excel into MoneyMinder.

    1. Traci Hahn

      Hi Chris,

      We can import your contact list for you from the Excel template linked at the bottom of the article. After your contacts have been imported you’ll be able to bulk add Activity Accounts to your contacts and track their balances. If you have new contacts after the import, you can manually enter those in MoneyMinder.

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