Track money allocated to individuals to spend (eg Teacher Grants)

Some groups allocate money to individuals to spend throughout the financial year (eg Teacher Grants) and need to track who has spent what.

To set this up, you’ll first need to add those individuals as Contacts, setting up Reimbursement Activity Accounts for each of those applicable individuals. You’ll also want to identify how much money they have to spend (under the Owed to Contact area):

Next, set up an obligation and apply it to the Contact’s Reimbursement Activity Account.  This will allow you to run an activity report with balances of what has been spent, or not spent.

When an individual spends money against this obligation, create a withdrawal in banking as shown below:

Now when you look at the Contact’s Reimbursement account or run a Reimbursement Activity Account Report, you’ll see that when you apply the banking to reimburse the contact it will decrease the Amount Due To Contact Amount until they have spent that down to zero.

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