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Applying Obligation Templates to individual Contacts and in bulk

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After you have set up an Obligation Template, you can apply it to an individual contact or multiple contacts at once.

Apply Obligation Templates to individual contacts

Click on the Contacts icon in the toolbar.

Find the individual you would like to apply it to and click on their name.

Click on Member Activity. If one is not already set up, you will need to set up an Activity Account before you can apply the obligation.

Click Add Obligation.

Using the Obligation Template drop-down menu, select the obligation template you want to apply.

Next click Use Template. The fields will auto-populate with that template’s details.

Click Save.

Apply Obligation Templates in bulk

You can also apply Obligation Templates to multiple contacts at once using the Bulk Apply Obligations… tool.

In Contacts, click Tools to bring up the drop-down menu.

Choose Bulk Apply Obligations…

Select an activity account template.

If you’ve added tags to your contacts, you can filter by tag to add Obligation Templates to different groups of contacts. Click on Show Contact Filters. Under Filter by Contact Tag, click the box next to the tag(s) for the group you want to apply Obligation Templates to.

Click Select all (you can deselect any contacts you don’t want to include)

Using the drop-down arrow next to Obligation Template, choose the template you want to use. 

When the details of the Obligation Template appear, click Apply. (The number that appears in the Apply button refers to the number of contacts receiving the obligation.)

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