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Tracking Contact balance(s)

Making an Obligation Template

Click on the Contacts icon in the toolbar. Select Obligation Templates. Click on Add Obligation Template. Select the activity account...

Applying Obligation Templates to Individual Contacts and in Bulk

After you have set up an Obligation Template, you can apply it to an individual contact or multiple contacts at...

How to See the Running Balance for a Contact (with video)

Trying to figure out how to see the running balance for a particular Contact? Try this: Click on the Contacts...

How to apply a reimbursement toward an obligation (amount owing)

If you owe someone a reimbursement and they want to use the money they are owed towards an obligation, create...

How to move money between activity accounts to pay for an obligation

Sometimes groups ask individuals to fundraise and want to apply that fundraising money toward a member activity account obligation. This guide walks you thru the process of moving money between activity accounts to pay for an obligation.

Setting up Activity Accounts for Individual Contacts and in Bulk

You can track how much you've paid people and/or how much they've paid you using Activity Accounts. Find out how to set up Activity Accounts.

Renaming your Activity Account

How to rename Activity Accounts to better reflect your activity.

Applying Bank Transactions to Contacts

When funds are paid to Contacts or received from them, this is applied to the Contact and the Activity Account when the bank transaction is entered.

Adding Activity Account Starting Balances to Contacts

How to add Activity Account balances to contacts and how to carry forward Activity Account balances at the start of a new financial year.

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