Voiding Checks

If you have not yet recorded the check in MoneyMinder:

Click on the Banking icon in the toolbar.

  • Click New Withdrawal.

  • Fill out the pertinent fields using $0.00 for the dollar amount.
  • Click Void in the lower left corner.

If the check has already been recorded in MoneyMinder:

  • Find the check in the bank register and Edit it.
  • Click the Void button in the lower left corner.
  • Enter an explanation (if needed) in the Memo area. This is a good place to put in the number of the replacement check if one has been issued.

When choosing a Category, many groups set up an NSF/Void Category, usually under an Admin Heading, so that all these unfortunate things live in one place.

Make sure you keep the actual voided check and clearly mark it VOID. This is an important part of your Financial Review and guarantees that the check was not simply misplaced or stolen.

Next time you do your bank reconciliation, check off the voided check. That completes the process.

NOTE: This is not an appropriate method to use for checks from prior years as it would change your starting bank balance and that would be bad. Ask us for special instructions on how to deal with old checks from prior financial years that need to be voided.

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  1. Allison Lawson

    This is also not an appropriate method to use for checks from prior months. This does not work when check needs to be voided in next month. It changes past month’s reports and the current month’s starting balance.

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