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Manual deposits & withdrawals

Entering deposits & withdrawals; attaching receipts; viewing the bank register

Step-by-step instructions for manually entering deposits and withdrawals, as well as instructions for attaching receipts to a transaction.

How to Void a check

Sometimes checks get lost or are never cashed by the recipient. Other times you may simply make a mistake when writing it and it will never leave your hands. Follow these steps to void such checks in MoneyMinder.

How to record Returned checks due to non-sufficient funds (NSF)

Has your bank returned a check to you due to insufficient funds or because the bank account has been closed? Follow these instructions for handling those in MoneyMinder.

Clearing stale checks from a prior financial year

If you have a check from a prior year that hasn't cleared the bank (and you're sure it never will), you'll want to void it from your records, yet keep a paper trail. Here's how to do that.

How to use Check printing & where to buy blank check stock

To use the Check Printing feature you'll need to have some blank check stock available to print onto. Here's how to use the feature & a recommendation for finding inexpensive stock & envelopes.

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