Importing Square or PayPal transactions into MoneyMinder

See the article titled Connecting your merchant account(s) (Square or PayPal) to MoneyMinder for step-by-step instructions for linking your merchant account(s) to MoneyMinder.

Once you’ve linked your merchant account(s) you’re ready to import transactions.

Click on the Banking icon in the toolbar.

Then click Import Transactions under the merchant account you’d like to import into:

Click the Import button next to each item you would like to import:

Or click the hide button to hide it from your list:

Check that all fields are filled in correctly and assign a category if it is not autofilled (correctly):


  1. Katrina

    What if I don’t want to connect my Paypal account to MoneyMinder. I don’t like having links. I just want to use a file to upload my transactions.

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      I totally understand, Katrina. Security and privacy are critical in today’s world and we don’t want to have any of that jeopardized. Please know that we don’t know nor have access to your PayPal credentials if you choose to use this feature. The older version of MoneyMinder did use downloads & uploads for those reports. It was clunky, time consuming, and sometimes prone to not issues/bugs.

      I’m curious how you use PayPal in MoneyMinder. For instance, if you don’t need to record the details of every transaction within MoneyMinder, then you can simply create a deposit in MoneyMinder for the amount that PayPal deposits into your account. You can split that as many ways as necessary. You just wouldn’t be recording that Sally and Jim each gave you $10 for membership and $40 for the yearbook. You’d record that you brought in $20 for membership and $80 for yearbooks. Would summary totals be a workaround solution for you?

  2. Daven

    How do I setup autofill?

    I’d like the program to automatically associate imported transactions with categories

    1. Julie Rice

      Hi Daven,

      When you are importing from PayPal, if the item NAME matches a budget category then it will autofill to that category and in Square if the item detail itemization category or name is the same as a budget category it will then autofill. Those are the parameters in which the category will autofill during import.

      Thanks for the great question!

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