Connecting your merchant account(s) (Square or PayPal) to MoneyMinder

Connect Merchant Account(s) (Square or PayPal) to your MoneyMinder account.

Click on the Banking icon in the toolbar.

Then click Add Merchant Account.

Select the merchant account service you’d like to connect to by clicking on the icon.

Enter the Account details and click Save & Continue.

Click the button that says: Click here to authorize your PayPal account

Follow the steps from your merchant account service to complete the link.

Click Close This Window.


  1. Crystal Collinsworth

    I don’t understand why the PayPal account is not linked. It was linked before I chose the V2 of MoneyMinder. I see that the PayPal account was reconciled 8/31/19 but I can’t import funds. The import icon is not there (link this account is there instead). What do I need to do to link PayPal account to MoneyMinder again?

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      Hi Crystal,
      In the new version of MoneyMinder, importing transactions from PayPal (and Square) is much easier. You no longer have to download reports from PayPal and upload them into MoneyMinder. Now, you’ll link your PayPal account so you see each transaction as they are processed by PayPal. You’ll have to do a one-time setup to make this happen.

      Click on Banking > Add Merchant Account > Click on PayPal > Click Save & Continue > Click here to authorize your PayPal Account > enter your PayPal login credentials.

      Let me know if you have any trouble with that.


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