Spring Sports Planning For Coaches & Parents

Spring Sports Planning For Coaches & Parents

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Spring Sports Planning for Coaches & Parents

As spring approaches, spring sports come along with it. If you’re new to volunteer coaching, here are some sample reports, documents and templates you might find helpful. But what else can coaches and parents do to help the season run smoothly? Here are a few tips.

For Coaches:

Plan An Intro Meeting

Start the season off on the right foot by holding a meeting before the first practice. It’s important for coaches and parents to establish a relationship early so if any conflicts arise, they can be dealt with in a civil manner.

Create A Schedule

A consistent schedule is the best thing you can do for your team. Plan out the whole season and make adjustments to any holidays or school breaks.

Set Expectations

What should a parent do if their child can’t make it to a game or practice? What is the best method to communicate with you as a coach? When? All of the parents in your sports team should know the answers to these questions. When you set expectations, they will more than likely respect them.

For Parents:

Make A Commitment

When you fill out the introductory paperwork at the beginning of the season, recognize that you are making a commitment to all of the practices and games. And if something comes up, the commitment to let the coaching staff know and communicate with them.

Let The Coaches Coach

If this your first season for your kids, it might be hard to watch someone else coach them. You may want to step in and teach them, but by letting the coach or coaches take charge, you are teaching your children to respect them.

Spring can get hectic with sports and school but if you make a commitment as a parent, your child can greatly benefit from it. As a coach, if you take your role in the children’s life seriously and they will respect you and the sport – and not to mention, have fun! The parent/coach relationship can be a great one if you are both willing to work as a team.

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