HOA Transitions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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HOA transitions are sometimes scary because change is hard! Switching up the HOA board might make you nervous regardless if you are an incoming or outgoing board member. We have a few tips to help you navigate this time as smoothly as possible.


Pick a time where all of the new and past board members can meet. Past members can pass along their knowledge and new members can ask questions. Create an agenda for this meeting so that the group stays on task and makes the most of the time together. It’s also a good idea to take minutes for this meeting. Here are some of our tips to plan an effective HOA board meeting.

Share The Knowledge

Documentation is very helpful during transitions. It’s important for all new board members to understand the calendar, budget, bylaws and all other paperwork. If you’re the one leaving the board, you want the new board to be successful so leave no detail untouched. This includes login credentials for all online systems.

Introduce The Team

The incoming HOA board members should be properly introduced to any additional stakeholders such as the treasurer, property managers and/or association attorney. Clarify who should be contacted in specific situations and share their contact information.

Don’t let the weight of transition cloud this exciting time. Yes, it can be overwhelming but remember it doesn’t have to happen overnight. As you pass the torch, be prepared to answer questions for the next few months. And if you’re new to the board, it’s never too late to ask questions. Everyone’s goal should be the same: to make the neighborhood an enjoyable place to live.

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