5 Ways To Thank Volunteers This National Volunteer Week

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National Volunteer Week is coming up! In 2019, National Volunteer Week is April 7-13. As a non-profit organization, you know how important volunteers are to your success. So let’s celebrate them! Here are some of our favorite ideas to help volunteers feel appreciated:

  1. Transform this month’s newsletter into a spotlight for volunteers. Hopefully, you’ve been taking notes (mental notes count!) of specific ways each volunteer has gone above and beyond to help the organization.
  2. Invite a guest speaker to share a few thoughts and stories with the volunteers. Make a fun night of it with treats and photo ops! You can buy a small gift as a token of gratitude for your volunteers, but accompany it with a heartfelt note signed by the
    other volunteers to really highlight your appreciation.
  3. Host a volunteer award night. If you want to plan a bigger event, it would really mean a lot to volunteers! You can easily stick to a low budget by crafting your own awards. Create a unique award for each volunteer and it will surely be a night they won’t forget.
  4. Shout your volunteers out on social media. Use any photos you may have of volunteers working with your organization and post them to your social media with a complimentary caption. This can also help raise awareness for your organization among their friends, too.

Don’t focus on doing something massive, just meaningful! A little appreciation goes a long way. And of course, don’t forget to show your gratitude to volunteers all year long.


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