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Collecting Dues When Times Are Tough

By on Jan 11, 2019 in Clubs, HOA, Sports Teams | 0 comments

When your organization or community faces hard times, you may feel uncomfortable collecting dues from your members. Whether you are managing due collection for a sports team or an HOA, it is important to remember how crucial dues are to keep your organization running properly. Keep in mind that your members are most likely loyal to your organization and understand...

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Thanking Donors in Today’s World

By on Dec 27, 2018 in Parent Teacher Associations | 0 comments

If your organization is lucky enough to have donors it is crucial that you show your gratitude for their support. A proper thank you also encourages more donations in the future. Thanking donors in today’s world is a bit different than it was even five years ago due to the presence of social media. Not only is social media a powerful tool that can help your...

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Ring in the New Year by Preparing for Change with Your School Group

By on Dec 20, 2018 in Parent Teacher Associations | 0 comments

Even though the new year doesn’t mark the start of a new school year, it’s still a time when people set new goals and make resolutions. It’s a great time for school groups and committees to do a bit of cleaning up and organizing to prepare for a great second half of the school year. It’s also a time to start thinking about change in the coming...

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How to Maximize Booster Club Fundraising

By on Nov 12, 2018 in Clubs | 0 comments

Booster Clubs can be tremendously supportive of their activities, programs or sports. That said, there are a few ways that clubs can maximize their fundraising efforts. Boost Your Club Strong fundraising happens with a strong Booster Club. Make sure that you have an active awareness and recruiting campaign that encourages and promotes new members. Also, allow newer...

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Avoiding Booster Club Member Burnout

By on Oct 17, 2018 in Clubs | 0 comments

A Booster Club’s main job is to support school activities, but how do you keep your members motivated and enthusiastic? Oftentimes, members will stay in a club for years as their students pass through a school, so a strong Booster Club has to both retain experienced members as well as continue recruitment to encourage new members. Recruit A big part of...

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