Use QR codes to link to your Store payment page

QR codes can be used as a link between the offline world (think posters, flyers, printed ads, etc.) and the online world. They are free to create and easily allows someone to go directly to a particular URL to provide information or pay for something.

Want to use a QR code to make it easy for someone to pay for things like dues or fundraising items, or donate to your organization? Here’s how:

Start by creating a Collection in your Store.

Next, click the button that says Copy URL.

Go to a QR code generator site (there are many free ones to choose from). In this example, we’re going to use Paste the URL.

This is the most basic version of a QR code you can generate. If you want, add a logo, add colors and customize your design. Then click Create QR Code.

Once created, click Download PNG.

This will download a PNG of your QR Code to your computer. Now you can insert that graphic into any flyer, poster, etc. that you’d like. Here’s what we did with ours:

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