How to Import your Store Transactions

To import Store purchases, click on the Store icon in the toolbar.

Identify which Collection you’d like to start with (if you have multiple Collections). Click the Import Transactions button to the right of that collection.

Click the Import button next to each item you would like to import:

Or click the hide button to hide it from your list:

Check that all fields are filled in correctly and assign a category if it is not autofilled (correctly) as seen in this example:

Click Save & Close.

Once the money is deposited into your bank account at your bank, you’ll transfer the money from your Store account into your Checking account. You’ll do this by clicking on the New Transfer button. Fill in the required fields and click Save. Ideally, this will bring your Store Account balance to zero and increase your Checking Account balance to reflect that deposit.

NOTE:  When you are setting a store in CheddarUp and want the category to be filled out on import note that MoneyMinder Store uses CheddarUp item categories. Make sure those match between MoneyMinder and CheddarUp.

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