5 Timeless and 5 New Rotary Club Fundraising Events

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duck race

Rotary Club fundraising is an important function of the organization. Fundraising not only supports the valuable programs that Rotary provides, it’s also an opportunity to partner with other organizations and strengthen as a club. While familiar fundraisers have become anticipated annual events, it is not a bad idea to incorporate a new fundraiser every once in a while.

To help your Rotary Club bring in new funds here are 5 timeless fundraisers and 5 new Rotary Club Fundraising events.


Duck Race

You have probably heard of the Rotary Duck Races, but did you know how much fun they could be? Individual ducks are numbered and sponsored, usually for $10 a piece or a small discount for purchasing multiples. Amongst much fanfare ducks are dropped into a river or other body of water. The fastest duck to cross a finish line, wins a prize. Other prizes may be awarded to the second fastest duck and specially selected ducks. Clubs can partner with local schools with the school receiving $1 for each duck that they sell.

Sell Boxes of Produce

Rotary Clubs can find financial success in selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. Oftentimes, late summer brings the most opportunity with clubs selling boxes of peaches, apples and corn on the cob. Club members take orders and partner with a local farm to fulfill the orders and deliver the delicious produce.

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournaments are great opportunities for fundraising while fostering camaraderie among members. It can also be a great chance to partner with a service organization or nonprofit. Set up a price structure for individuals, foursomes, and hole sponsorship. Get creative with your holes with themes like “Margarita” hole, and other side challenges. Encourage all players to have fun – this game is for a good cause!

Live/Silent Auction

Live and silent auctions are great occasions to partner with your local Interact Club or other youth group. You will not only get a large number of enthusiastic volunteers; the community loves to support the next generation. An auction can be held on its own or coupled with a larger event like a Duck Race or Golf Tournament.


The old faithful fundraiser, The Raffle, has withstood the test of time. People simply love buying raffle tickets! A raffle could be as simple as a 50/50 meaning that the prize is 50% of the money brought in by raffle tickets, the Club keeps the remaining 50% of proceeds. Make sure to utilize all the technology tools that you can to maximize sales. Sell tickets online, have credit card readers at selling events and make sure to advertise on social media.


VIP Parking Spot

A VIP Parking spot is a fun live auction item. Is there a coveted parking spot where your Rotary Club holds weekly meetings? At your next event, auction the parking spot off to the highest bidder!

Skip a Meal

The idea of skipping a meal is simple, but the execution requires careful communication. Simply skip a weekly meeting meal each month and donate the saved money to a special cause. You would be surprised at how fast the dollars add up. Make sure and advertise this special week so all members know to bring a brown bag lunch.

Online Auction

Invite the world to donate to your cause by putting your silent auction online. There are plenty of websites that can help you do this. You photograph your items and set up the bidding process. Then, an interested donor will enter credit card information to begin bidding which means that your payment is guaranteed. Online auctions should have a clear start time and end time, typically within 1 to 2 weeks. Also make sure to include instructions on whether the auction items should be picked up or delivered.

Putt-Putt Golf Tournament

A putt-putt golf tournament is a more casual version of a golf tournament. Invite families to play, charge $10 per person for unlimited golf. Offer prizes, giveaways and other organizations to participate. Sell merchandise and simple food items  in order to increase your Rotary Club fundraising event proceeds.

Ducky Dash

A Rotary Club in Edwards, Colorado, put together a 5K race to kick-off their Duck Race. They had over 100 additional people participate in the ducky dash and sold race ducks last minute.

In the spirit of Rotary a Rotary Club Fundraising Event is really about the friendships, fun and the community. Fundraising events are just as much about educating people about programs that Rotary provides as much as it is about raising support. That said, any fundraiser, old or new, is bound to be a FUN raiser.



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