Budgeting funds that do not belong to your local unit

Special instructions for setting up your budget if you’re a local PTA has funds that do not belong to your local unit:

  • Include a Heading called, “Funds Not Belonging to Local Unit”
  • Under this heading add three categories:¬†¬†National Dues, State Dues, and Sales Tax
  • There’s no point in including budgeted amounts since this money simply gets passed thru your account. So leave those at $0.

It should look like this:

  • MoneyMinder knows you could have both income and expenses for any particular category. This makes reports easier to understand for non-accountants. It also allows you to organize your activities in a more meaningful way than the traditional “Income/Expenses” layout. In MoneyMinder you can see “at a glance” how a particular activity is doing compared to budget.

Here’s an example of how you can set up an activity that has both budgeted income and budgeted expenses:


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