How to Maximize Booster Club Fundraising

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booster fundraiser

Booster Clubs can be tremendously supportive of their activities, programs or sports. That said, there are a few ways that clubs can maximize their fundraising efforts.

Boost Your Club

Strong fundraising happens with a strong Booster Club. Make sure that you have an active awareness and recruiting campaign that encourages and promotes new members. Also, allow newer members to hold Officer roles as this will allow older members to become mentors which can go a long way in creating smooth officer transitions.

Plan in Advance

Map out your fundraising activities at the beginning of the school year, or ideally, a month before. Make sure and coordinate closely with the school calendar and any major school breaks or activities. It might not be a great idea to have a fundraiser in December, when gift-buying is taking over the family budget. However, a November wrapping paper fundraiser might be well timed and very successful.

Cast a Wide Net

Make sure to maximize your “asks” when seeking donations to auctions and programs. The same holds true when inviting people to your events. Make sure to invite all students, parents, and teachers as well as family and family friends.

Try Something New

It isn’t a bad idea to stick to the same tried and true fundraisers but try out something new every year or two. If you haven’t done an online campaign, it is really easy to set up. Also, think of complementary causes that you work with. For example, if the marching band booster club could do a fundraiser with the football team. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to support both.

Follow Up

A strong follow-up is an absolute must. This can be accomplished by sending “Thank you” notes to donors and supporters and also volunteers and other key stakeholders. Make sure the follow-up portion is part of every fundraising effort not only as a way to express your gratitude but also to maintain and develop relationships within the community.

Remember these key items as you are conducting your booster club fundraising and every fundraiser should be a super success.


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