Clearing Bank Reconciliations

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You can change the Memo, Details, and anything in the splits (as long as the total amount does not change) on any reconciled transaction, without un-reconciling your account. For more information about reconciliations, download our free Reconciliation Guide here:

TIP: If you print out your reconciliation reports before clearing them, it will make it quicker to re-reconcile.

To clear a reconciliation, click the Banking icon from the toolbar.

Click Reconcile under the bank account you’d like to clear the reconciliation for. 

You’ll see your Reconciliation History. Click View on the most recent reconciliation.

Then click Undo Reconciliation.

Click Undo Reconciliation again to confirm that this is what you want to do.

Clear the reconciliations back to the point where the entry that needs to be changed is located. Edit the transaction that needs to be changed.

Re-reconcile your account.

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