Fundraising ROI: How to Measure Success, Not Just According to the Books

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fundraising roi

While fundraisers are about making money, there can be other successes besides the bottom line. Here we look at all of the other accomplishments that go along with fundraising; the success that you might not see in your accounting books. Oftentimes, it can be these other victories that are just as important, or even more so, than the dollars and cents that fundraising brings in.

Bond as a Team

Fundraising is a dynamic mix of creativity, strategy and passion for a cause. Chances are that the people on your fundraising team share at least the same good will for furthering your mission. Its this shared interest that make a strong foundation for a fundraising team. Simply add some creative brainstorming and a road map for making money and your group is sure to be a success on and off of the accounting ledger.

Develop Relationships

You may be surprised at the supporters that you find. While scouring the town for auction items or soliciting sponsors you may come across someone at a local business that is especially interested in your cause. These are the individuals that you should pay special attention to as they may not only support you, but they can be repeat donors and strong advocates for you in the business community.

Be a Philanthropic Role Model

One of the best functions of fundraising is to teach others the importance of philanthropy. Whether it is the younger generation of little fundraisers or your neighbor across the street, it is always a good idea to be a strong philanthropic ambassador in your community. The brighter your philanthropic light shines, so to speak, the more people will see it and be inspired themselves.

Have Fun

Fundraising events typically have many fun components. Even if your group is simply selling spirit wear or wrapping paper you can team up for a little friendly competition. We are big fans of keeping the FUN in fundraising so make sure to focus on the positive outcomes and not so much on the negative ones.

Shake it Off

If something goes awry try not to take it too seriously. A strong comeback is a must-have for successful fundraising. Things are not always going to go as planned and you are not always going to hit your goals. That is simply the nature of fundraising. For example, say an auction item of a bedazzled sweater doesn’t sell. Simply take note and make sure to have a good laugh about it later with your team.

Keep these ideas in mind during your next fundraising cycle and your year is sure to be a success, regardless of the amount of funds you raise.


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