10 Hot Silent Auction Items that Sell

10 Hot Silent Auction Items that Sell

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You want to have the hottest auction in town. After all, a great fundraiser is not only about supporting a good cause, it is about supporting your bottom line. Silent auctions are a great way for attendees to shop, mingle and enjoy a little bit of friendly competition. Here are the 10 hottest silent auction items that will bring in big dollars. Who’s ready for a bidding war?


Travel trips appeal to a wide variety of auction bidders. You can go as elaborate as you like with transportation, lodging and meals or a simple day rafting tip or hiking trip. Both are popular options.

Photo Shoot

Photo packages make great auction items especially for people with families or even a beloved pet. Try to find an up-and-coming photographer who is looking for the experience to expand their portfolio. Chances are they will be willing to donate a few hours for a photo shoot.


Gym memberships and/or punch cards are top notch auction items. Yoga classes, spin classes or a few hours with a personal trainer are all sought after experiences. Try to find a new gym or one that is doing a promotion and see if they would be willing to donate in exchange for promoting their business at your event.

Spa Treatments

Who wouldn’t want a 90-minute massage or a mani-pedi? Oftentimes, people will bid on a spa treatment if it is supporting a good cause, but they may not treat themselves otherwise. Many spas offer expanded treatment options for men and children as well.

Museum Tour

Think of interesting experiences that people will enjoy. A guided tour through a local museum or use of their event space for a birthday party is a great way to bring people through the doors, enjoying the space and promoting the museum.

Sports Tickets

Tickets to a local sporting event are fun and always popular. To really build excitement, try to set-up a meet and greet with a coach or a popular player. Add some team t-shirts or other merchandise to your auction package to entice bidding. Sports tickets are especially compelling if games are usually sold out.

Gift Basket

Get creative with your auction committee and brainstorm a gift basket idea, then have each member donate an item to create a super basket. For example, a champagne basket could be very popular as would a basket of wine or beer. If your event is more family-focused try crafting a gift basket of gourmet sodas, coffee or artisan chocolate bars.

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets make great auction items. Symphony tickets, theatre or the ballet are cultural outings that people are excited to bid on. See if you can find a nearby restaurant to donate a gift card to really complement the item.

Cooking Classes

Many kitchen stores, culinary schools and even specialty grocery stores will offer cooking classes, you just have to know where to look. Think of a trending food or cuisine and track down a class in your community. This auction item is making us hungry just thinking about it.

Hotel Stays

Hotel stays are great for auctions because they are so versatile for winners to use. A weekend in a hotel can make a fantastic stay-cation or a fun weekend get-away in a nearby town.

Keep these ten hot auction items in mind at your next silent auction and your event is sure to be a success.


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