Importing from Quickbooks Online

Here’s how to prepare your files for importing your historical data from Quickbooks Online to MoneyMinder:
*$19/year import fee.

1 – Log into your Quickbooks account and go to Reports:

2 – Select the Deposit Detail Report (under Sales & Customers):

3 – In the Report Period area select Custom, and the date range you’d like to pull over, FY start – FY end.

Note: Run a separate report for each financial year you’d like to import.

4 – In the “Group by” drop down, select None:

5 – Click Run Report:

6 – Change your Reports settings by clicking the gear wheel in the righthand corner, and check the following boxes (click Show More to see the full list):

The following boxes should be checked:
Compact, Date, Transaction Type, Num, Customer, Vendor, Account, Memo/Description, Clr, Amount

Once selections are made click outside of the Settings Window and changes will be applied.

7 – Export the Report to Excel:

8 – Repeat Steps 3-7 for the Check Details Report (under Expenses and Vendors):

9 – Email your files to [email protected] Please include your organization’s MM Group Number & Group Name.

Would you like us to import multiple years of history? You’ll need to run separate reports for each financial year you’d like imported. Please save them as “MM Group Number Check Details Report FY20xx” or “MM Group Number Deposit Details Report RY20xx”.

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