Creative Ways to Utilize Documents

The Documents feature allows you to upload & store forms and records for your group. Following are some ideas for how you might effectively use this feature:

  1. Create folders to organize “like” items. For example, you might make a folder for IRS documents/correspondence, or Meeting Minutes, or Bank Statements. Then upload those so they’re all stored in a single easy-to-access place.
  2. If you’re holding virtual meetings, create a folder for each meeting where attendees can download the materials you’ll be referring to (eg Treasurer’s Report, Meeting Agenda, supporting documents that are important to share).
  3. Create a Reimbursements folder so coaches, teachers, etc. can upload a receipt & form to then get reimbursed.

Here’s a screenshot of how an organized, useful Documents area might look:

Here’s a look at how you might organize the documents for your Meetings:

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