Organizing Documents (with video)

Upload Documents

The Documents feature allows you to upload & store forms and records for your group.

Some common items that groups upload are Meeting Minutes, Bylaws, 990(EZ) forms, Meeting Agendas, Check Request Forms, Audit Findings, NSF Check Letters, Flyers, other IRS documentation, etc.

The maximum file size allowed for upload is 20MB per file.

To upload files, click Upload Files:

The next window will allow you to either “drag & drop” a file or choose a file from your file browser window. Once you’ve selected a file and MoneyMinder has indicated it has uploaded click Close.

You should then see that file listed in the directory.

Organizing your documents

Click TOP to go to the main folder list.

Double click on any Folder name to open the folder.

Click on an item name to automatically download the file to your desktop.

Click on the blue arrow icon under Actions to re-organize or move items or folders into other folders.


Remove Documents

To delete a document, identify the document and click the Delete button (trash can icon) to the right of the document name.

Permanently Deleting Documents

When a document is deleted, it is moved to the Trash can.

To permanently delete an item, click Trash to see a list of items in the Trash can.

Click Empty trash… to permanently delete it.

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