Why is it Important to Reconcile My Account?


  1. Peter Ferris

    Can the software link up with and reconcile Canadian bank accounts?

    Can the software incorporate and deal with Canadian tax forms and requirements?

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      Hi Peter,

      The best way to see if your bank is supported is to search for it at the bottom of this page where it says: Check to see if your bank is supported by MoneyMinder Bank Account Integration. If it’s not, you also now have the option of downloading a QFX, QBO, or OFX file from your bank and uploading it into MoneyMinder.

      I’m sorry, we don’t currently have a way of helping with Canadian tax forms. Can you tell me what, in particular, you might be looking for. I’d love to add it to our “wish list”.

      Thanks for checking out MoneyMinder!


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