10 Team Spirit Ideas to Bring Your Team Together

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team spirit

There is nothing like a little team work when it comes to drumming up team spirit and having fun. Here are our favorite team spirit ideas for your team to try.

1. Unique Spirit Wear

There are all kinds of websites that will help you design the perfect t-shirt for your team. You can also get creative with beads and glitter for a more alternative, yet spirited look. Handkerchiefs are also a fun way to accessorize and can be customized to show your team spirit.

2. Face Painting

Whether you stop at the blue lipstick or go for glitter everywhere there is a way to express every teams spirit through face paint. Gather your team and supplies and take turns doing everyone’s face paint. Make sure to have plenty of face cleanser on hand for clean-up.

3. Celebrate a Milestone or Holiday

Celebrate a milestone or a holiday together. It doesn’t have to be a major holiday which is usually reserved for family and friends but you could have a harvest party, a Halloween party or kick off the beginning of your season. Get your team together to socialize and chat about all the exciting things you are going to accomplish together.

4. Volunteer Together

A team that volunteers together, stays together; right? Gather your team for a garbage pick-up, a tree planning or volunteer together at your local food bank. You will have a great time putting your combined efforts into a good cause. Plus, a team volunteering shows the community that you are a winning team, no matter the score.

5. Travel Spirit

On your next away game, arrange to carpool together. The night before the big meet, take some time to decorate each other’s cars with signs and funny sayings.

6. Crafternoon

A team crafternoon could be as organized or as relaxed as you want. You can organize a team craft that everyone participates in, say decorating a pair of jeans together. One person rounds up all of the supplies and each person pitches in money to participate. Alternately, each person could show up with their own craft and supplies. From making pom poms to banners to signs there is no shortage of team crafts to create.

7. Movie Night

Chances are that your team sport features squarely in the plot of a movie. Watching a movie together can be a great team spirit building activity, even if that movie didn’t win any academy awards. A League of Their Own, Blue Crush, Whip It…the list is long. Offer a door prize to the person that knows the most trivia about your movie.

8. Take in a Game/Meet

Do some research into an older age sports team or a larger division and have your team watch a game together. You can learn a lot from more advanced figures in the sport. Make sure to track down a team coach and introduce yourselves. You’d be surprised at the lessons and tips that they are willing to impart on an up-and-coming team.

9. Pizza Night

Plan a team building night at your favorite pizza restaurant. Invite families and friends to enjoy a few pizzas together. Who doesn’t enjoy a few slices of pepperoni with a pitcher of root beer? You could even approach the owner or manager and inquire if they would be willing to donate a slice of the profits so to speak. See if they would be willing to donate 10% of the nightly proceeds back to your team.

10. Bake-a-thon/Bake Sale

First, gather up your team for some sweet treat making. Second, sell your treats at a bake sale and your team gets the money. There’s a lot you can bake with that will let your team spirit shine. There is colored frosting, candy melts and lots of other ways to color treats like popcorn balls and rice crispy bars. Have a fun team bake night getting creative with colors and flavors, but don’t stay up too late. Bake sales start EARLY in the morning.

Being a part of a sports team is a fun learning experience for a young athlete. Raise the excitement level of your team and try one of these simple and fun team spirit ideas.


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