Church Treasurer Duties, Explained


  1. James Bond

    Is a church treasurer who is paid, required to attend church at least occasionally. Ours hasn’t for about a year. This is a thorn in my side as My wife and I tithe regularly and expect more from those who get paid, our leaders who should be setting an example

    1. Traci Hahn

      Hi James, you may want to look at your church’s bylaws & articles of incorporation to see if they shed any light on requirements as that’s up to each organization to establish and comply with.

  2. Lin

    I think the rules of a church Treasurer should be updated and changed because of all the responsibilities whether a small church or a large Church a Treasurer should be given a small love token at least once a year, at least $150 a year which is not much for all the work that a Treasurer does.

    1. Traci Hahn

      Hi Lin,

      That seems like something worth considering. Treasurers definitely have a lot of responsibility and put in a lot of work. It would be up to each organization to establish its own rules around this.

  3. William

    As a church treasurer, I appreciate the thought of a “Love Offering”. I personally would not accept such a gift as my service is my Love Offering to God. Furthermore, in the eye of the IRS there is no such thing as a cash or cash equivalent love offering. You can give me a ham, but a gift certificate, gift card, cash, check are all taxable income to the recipient.

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