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Budgeting funds that don’t belong to your group

If you collect dues on behalf of a parent organization you'll need to properly account for that starting with your budget. Learn how here.

Setting up your Budget at the beginning of your 30-day free trial

In this article, we'll walk MoneyMinder Users who are just starting their 30-day free trial through three different options for setting up their Budget (a.k.a Chart of Accounts) for the first time.

Where to enter your Chart of accounts?

Learn how to enter & organize your chart of accounts, referred to as the Budget in MoneyMinder.

How to Use the Budget Analysis Report

A budget, as we all know, is a great planning tool, but reality can be quite different from what we plan. This is where the Budget Analysis Report is really valuable. Learn how to use this interactive tool to run budget scenarios so you can make informed decisions.

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