PTO Treasurer Software

PTO Treasurer SoftwareFinance management plays a significant role in your Parent Teacher Organization’s (PTO) success. Choosing the correct PTO Treasurer software can make a big difference to the overall health of your organization.

We know that PTO members are caring, dedicated and busy with their own lives and families. Add to that the (volunteer) job of treasurer, and the challenges continue to build. We have designed MoneyMinder knowing that your time is limited. We’ve added features to ensure that you and your PTO succeed.

The correct accounting software can turn a cumbersome project into an easy and rewarding experience.  Oftentimes business accounting software is more complex than you need, while Excel spreadsheets are tricky and prone to errors.  MoneyMinder offers simplicity, transparency and accountability making it the perfect fit for your PTO.

Features of MoneyMinder PTO Treasurer Software

  • Affordable, annual subscription
  • Easy to run reports
  • Universal access, multi-user
  • Easy to learn, use
  • Designed for non-bookkeepers
  • Simple customization to your PTO
  • Web-based, no messy install or updating

What Types of Parent Organizations Use MoneyMinder?

  • PTOs
  • PTGs
  • PTAs
  • PTCs
  • Booster Clubs
  • Preschool Co-ops

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