Looking for Standard Financial Reports?

Please understand that MoneyMinder is a cash-based system. We provide profit and loss financials on a cash basis. The only balance sheet accounts that we track are bank accounts.
The report that you will likely find most useful is the Treasurer’s Report for the entire financial year. (Or you can run the Annual Report – same information with a different title.) There you will see the total income and total expenses, each in their own column. At the end of the report you will also see the the bank balances at the beginning and end of the year.
If your organization is required to submit a 990EZ report, MoneyMinder can help with that as well. You can assign line numbers to each Category in your Budget. MoneyMinder will then produce a report that shows the totals that apply to each line on the first page of the 990EZ.
Many groups add their accountant as a Reporting user so that they can generate the reports they require at their convenience.

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