Entering Withdrawals (with Video)

From the Home page click on the Banking tab in the toolbar:

Select the bank account you’d like to apply the withdrawal to by clicking on its name. The click New Withdrawal.

Fill in the required fields:

  • Check #/Reference: Check number from your check or identifying reference number you’d like to assign.
  • Date: Date check is written or withdrawal is made.
  • Paid to: Either select a name from the drop down menu or enter the name of the person/organization/description the withdrawal is payable to.
  • Amount: Total amount of withdrawal.
  • Memo (optional): Use up to 512 characters to create a reminder about this withdrawal. The memo will show in the register.
  • Category: Select a category from the drop down list or add a new one. These are the budget items you entered in the Budget screen.
  • Details (optional): Use up to 255 characters to create details about this withdrawal.
  • Amount: Enter the amount for this portion of the check.

Click Add Split to add more lines to allocate various parts of an expense to different categories. These split amounts must equal the total in the Amount field.

Click Clear Splits deletes information entered in all split lines for this transaction.

Click Void to save a check that is not disbursed, maintaining your check sequencing. This also keeps record of the check since it will not clear your bank.

When finished entering details of your withdrawal, click one of the following:

  • Cancel to cancel the withdrawal in progress.
  • Save & Download Check PDF saves the entry in MoneyMinder and simultaneously downloads a PDF to your hard drive for printing purposes.
  • Save & Close saves the transaction and closes the window taking you back to the bank register.
  • Save & New saves the transaction and opens a new window to enter another withdrawal.


  1. Diana Decker

    To associate a withdrawal to a certain contact, you would select Contact in the On behalf of section above?
    It should be a vendor activity account if you pay them and they do not pay you, right?

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      Hi Diana,

      That’s correct. Keep in mind a Contact can have multiple Activity Accounts. So, for instance, they can be a donor, member, and contractor all at the same time. If you’re reimbursing someone for a purchase they made on behalf of your organization, you would choose the Reimbursement Activity Account for that particular transaction.

      Member, Donor and Fundraising Activity Accounts would be inbound activity (money coming into your organization) and Vendor, Contractor and Reimbursement Activity Accounts would be outbound (money going out).

      Here’s a tip: you can re-name any of the Activity Accounts by clicking on the pencil Edit icon when you Edit Activity Accounts.

  2. Matt

    How do you set the default for the Check#? It currently is pulling the last check number that we are no longer using.

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      Hi Matt, good question! MoneyMinder currently “adds one” to the highest check number that’s been entered, making the assumption that you have already used the previous check numbers in the sequence. We are looking at not making that the default, but it has not been implemented yet.

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