Entering Deposits

From the Home page click on the Banking tab.

Select the bank account you’d like to apply the deposit to by clicking on its name. Then click New Deposit.

Fill in the required fields:

  • Reference: Type in the identifying reference number you’d like to assign. Defaults to “Deposit” unless you overwrite it.
  • Date: Date deposit is created.
  • Memo (optional): Use up to 512 characters to create a reminder about this deposit. The memo will show in the register.
  • Amount: Total amount of deposit.
  • Category: Select a category from the drop down list or add a new one. These are the budget items you entered in the Budget screen.
  • Apply to Contact (optional): Select a name from the drop down list to apply the deposit to an individual’s account.
  • Details (optional): Use up to 255 characters to create details about this deposit.
  • Amount: Enter the amount for this portion of the deposit.

Click Add Split to add more lines to allocate various parts of a deposit to different categories. These split amounts must equal the total in the Amount field.

Click Clear Splits deletes information entered in all split lines for this transaction.

When finished entering details of your deposit, click one of the following:

  • Cancel to cancel the deposit in progress and return to the Banking tab.
  • Save to save an in-progress transaction.
  • Save & Close saves the transaction and closes the window taking you back to the Banking tab.
  • Save & New saves the transaction and opens a new window to enter another deposit.

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