Closing your Financial Year & Transitioning to the Next Treasurer (with video)

Procedures for closing your financial year and transitioning to the next treasurer:

  • Pay all outstanding bills.
    • Banking

  • Complete your bank reconciliations for the financial year(s) you are responsible for.
    • Banking > Reconcile

  • Print final reports for the old year and store them in a binder.
    • Reports

  • Update/assign 990EZ codes (if required to file this form by the IRS).
    • Tax Forms > More

  • Print the 990EZ report (if required to do so by the IRS).
    • Tax Forms > 990EZ Report

  • Update your user list (those folks who have access to MoneyMinder). Add the incoming treasurer as a user..
    • Account > Users

  • Conduct a financial review of your books (sometimes called an audit).

  • Obtain a new signature card from the bank, sign and submit so the new treasurer has authorization to sign checks.


  1. Soreena Khader

    I, Soreena Khader, will be transitioning to the role of Treasurer for the fiscal year 2019, replacing Mary De La Cruz. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 561-602-3853 or [email protected].

    Thank You

    1. Cyndi Meuchel

      Hi Soreena,

      Please check your email for a message from us about your transition. We’ll help you get things squared away.


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