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Autofilling your 990-EZ totals

The Tax Forms section of MoneyMinder provides information about various US-based tax forms you may be required to file.

If your group is required to file the 990-EZ and has been using MoneyMinder for the time period you will be reporting, you will be able to autofill your 990-EZ totals into the IRS 990-EZ form.

Start by clicking on the Tax Forms icon in the toolbar.

Click Download & Autofill my 990-EZ using MoneyMinder totals.

After reading the notification, click Begin.

Ensure that you meet all of the requirements to autofill your totals for lines 1-16.

  • All bank accounts must be reconciled through the last day of the financial year.
  • All categories must be assigned to a 990-EZ line.
  • Gross receipts must be less than $200,000.

Click Next Step.

Ensure your organization’s information is correct and click Next Step.

Download the filled-in PDF and follow the final 5 steps as instructed.

Click Done.

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